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BlackFang's Bio

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BlackFang's Bio

Post by Huntersfear on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:34 am

Full Name: BlackFang

Nick Names: Black-jack, Buck-tooth ( don't ever call him that unless you want a death wish)
Age: 19

Gender: Male
Rank: Scout
Species: Tiger
Talents:  doesn't run out of breath very easily and is quite agile despite his size
Side:  is evil but has some goodness in him.
Power: power of the earth (extra strength)
Likes: Rolling around in tall grass and likes to nap in it too. Loves the outdoors. Likes to explore parts that haven't been explored. Prefers to sleeping outside (under a tree if possible) than in a cave. Prefers his own company.
Dislikes: Groups, crowds etc. Wide open spaces with no cover. Rain. Being cooped up in a cave. Annoying cats that won't leave him alone.
Friends: None at the moment because he doesn't like other cats and being in a group.
: Many. Too numerouse to list.
Appearance: His eyes are a bright orange with a pure black pupil. His fangs are like a sabre tooths, as sharp as steel and are snow white. His fur is a dark black with dark grey highlights if you look closely. His stripes are orange with small dark speckles on them. (sorta like the normal colouring of a tiger but reversed so he's black with orange stripes). His paws are pure black but after the elbows/knees the grey highlights start and his claws are a black. His tail is a pure black with a white tip. He larger than normal for a tiger. About slightly shorter than 6 feet.

History: His mother got caught up in a nuclear war and his father was looking after him but encounted a wolf pack while out hunting and was killed in the fight. (He has since hated all wolves with a vengence.) He then went to Felindia because he used to live on The Border. His strange apperance is because of the nuke war.

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Re: BlackFang's Bio

Post by SilverAcid on Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:01 am

Yay another feline! I'm looking forward to role playing with him.

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