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Post by SilverAcid on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:20 am

Okay guys.
You all guessed it....
Your animal profiles!!!! XD

There isn't much to it. Except if you want to know more about the ranks.

Guardians: stick close to their packs and take care of the safety of others and would risk their lives to protect their friends.
Hunters: travel in packs of five to go gather food and previsions for the rest of the pack in order to survive.
Runners: Are the Racers. They just have fun in games and tend to get themselves into trouble for always being feisty.
Healers: tend to look after the ill and injured. healers are skilled with herbs and potions.
Scouts: run ahead to find new territories and to make sure that there are no other unwanted company coming near their Pack.
Leaders: these are the Alphas, and the guys that lead the others to safety. Every one looks up to the Leaders, unless they are cruel and uncaring creatures. (But to be an Alpha then you are going to have to email/PM me first and tell me why your character would be suited to be a pack leader).
Pups/Cubs: The cute new born that are just adorable :3. but unfortunately they cannot engage in battle unless they have been included more than 25 posts. The good news is that you can start roleplaying with them instantly.
(the mother can have no more than 4 & the parents would have the right to claim at least two each as their own or allow them to be adopted by other players as companions. The extra Character rules don't apply to the puppies, but you are still not allowed to have more than 8 characters).

And the powers.
A character may only have one of their own choice and creation, but it mustn't be too powerful unless they are an Alpha. If you want an extra power then you must choose from these.  
-extra 3 lives.
-extra speed (element of darkness)
-extra wisdom (element of light)
-extra strength (element of earth)
-fire breath (element of fire)
-ghost (element of air)
-mist (element of water)

There is only 3 different choices of packs.

you can choose any type of canine or feline an it will belong to one of these groups.
But depending on whether you are a feline or a canine there will be an extra rogue pack that you can join.
but in order to join you must tell me why your character i suitable to join and why the pack leader has to except you.
So it is pretty straight forward, all I need to know is the usual stuff about your animal character.

Oh, and one more thing....are you Good or Evil.....or both.....or none...???
choose the side you want to fight for. XD

You can copy and post this in the "Bio's Here" window.

Full Name:
Nick Names:

If you guys have any questions then don't hesitate to PM/email me XD

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