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Vulken's Bio

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Vulken's Bio Empty Vulken's Bio

Post by Vulken on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:53 am

Full Name: Vulken Mawroth
Nick Names: Vul, MawMaw (only close friends and family can call him that)
Age: 10 (fully mature adult)
Gender: Male
Rank: Guardian
Species: Shedu Hound
Talents: Extremely good at distance running and jumping
Side: Good
Power: He has ghost powers that allow him to control a crystal ball and tell the future from it (like a Chinese Dragon) and can also breathe fire.
Likes/Dislikes: Loves his rider Kat (very strong bond with her) Loves to hunt for pleasure but also likes to lay down and observe the nature around him. Does not like new comers, Snow/Cold weather and Hates anyone who tries to threaten or hurt his family
Appearance: Stands at rough;y 15 feet tall, he is bright green with blue and aqua iridescent bird feet. He has a horse/dragon/canine head and a greeny black mane that rings his neck and chest. Has 6 limbs (no wings)
Vulken was found as a pup by Kat, as he left his family out of his pure hatred for them. She carried him home as he slept, exhausted from his tedious journey. She raised him from then on, even though he was wary  and tried to avoid her for the first few months. Eventually he warmed up to her, and as he grew she trained him and taught him how to survive on his own. Their bond deepened, and Vulken was thrown into a fit of fury and jealousy when his rider allowed her soul to be inherited by a demon, whom became very fond of Kat.
Eventually his hatred for the demon dissapaited and he continued his adventures, with or without Kat.

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Vulken's Bio Empty Re: Vulken's Bio

Post by SilverAcid on Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:45 pm

Vulken's Bio Accepted
Welcome to the Team Vulken!!!
I hope you have fun XP

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