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Hiya guys XD
If you are new to this site and want to create an account then I wish you welcome to Clawz and Fangz.
I hope you have great fun roleplaying with us, and Good luck !!!


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Post by SilverAcid on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:33 am

If you want to start a private role-play with your friends then you just have to fill out this form and post it in a new topic.
The following requirements are:

The Topic's name
Where the RP will take place
What time of day the RP will take place
Who will participate in the RP
What are you aiming for in the RP


eating cake
in a small town, near a hous's kitchen.
SilverAcid, and FireEyez
eating and baking cakes

Very easy....
And then you will be approved by either me or Shard or FireEyez.
Good luck, and I hope you guys have fun!

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