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Canine Capital

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Canine Capital Empty Canine Capital

Post by SilverAcid on Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:00 pm

Canine Capital 689018_original

This is where every one can live their lives to the fullest!
It is surrounded by a lake and Buzzes with activity around the clock.
At night the city looks like a beacon shining wide over the lake!

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Canine Capital Empty Re: Canine Capital

Post by Huntersfear on Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:26 am

HuntersFear stared about the beautiful city in a daze. HuntersFear and her pups had had to go to the capital because it is the safest place for her and her pups to be now that ThunderStar was no longer protecting them. ShadowsFriend slunk behind Riverstone who was looking around with an expression of amazement on her maw. Loki was looking about with his pale orbs. Hunter felt a twinge of concern and protectiveness towards her strange son. Riverstone and BlackVolt were arguing about something that sounded like the best way to chew a bone. Ash sighed and said tiredly "lets just curl up here for a rest and we can start searching for shelter later." she tossed her head towards an alleyway and trotted up to it on tired paws. "Loki, can you tell if anyone is there?" Ash cautiously peered into the gloom and waited for a reply. She knew to trust his instincts because he seemed to be always right. The Bandanna around her neck itched slightly and her paws ached. She hoped that nobody was there because she really didn't feel like introducing herself and explaining everything to them.

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