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STUNT puppy: RiverStone's bio

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STUNT puppy: RiverStone's bio

Post by Huntersfear on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:12 am

The Gentile...

Name: RiverStone

Age:(teen) unknowen

Gender: Female

Species: stunt wolf

Likes: Things to go her way. Peace. Loves the water. Her mother

Dislikes: Her brothers. Hunting. Being away from the cave. Fighting.

Mother: Huntersfear

Father: ThunderStar

Apperience: She has snow white fur all over apart from her ears and paws and the very tip of her tail which is slightly longer than normal. She has long sharp claws and has quite long fur. She has blood red eyes that come from her father.

Personalaty: She is the softie out of the pups and would prefer to stay at her cave than go out hunting. Likes it if there's no fighting because she doesn't like conflict. She loves to swim and play in the water. Some of her abilities include, being able to hold her breath underwater for a long time, which comes in handy if she has to hide from her brothers. Able to shoot jets of blue fire or to summon a ball of it.

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Re: STUNT puppy: RiverStone's bio

Post by SilverAcid on Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:03 am

Cute Puppy XD
Good luck with her

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