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SilverAcid's Biography

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SilverAcid's Biography

Post by SilverAcid on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:06 am

Full Name: Silver Acid
Nick Names: Sill, Runner, Chik,, Acid, Silver, Merc (Mercury)
Age: Unknown (teenager)
Gender: Female
Rank: Runner (troublemaker)
Species: Cheetah
Talents: Causing trouble, and winning races.
Side: she is both good and evil....MUHAhahaha!!! XD
Power: Extra speed (she is friends with darkness).
Likes: Playing in water, Running Races, hunting, eating, fighting and causing trouble.
Dislikes: Ok, so she hates bossy animals that think they are better than her, and Silver hates annoying cubs.
Friends: What's the meaning of this???
Foes: everyone so far
Appearance: Acid has smooth, shiny silver-white fur, black paws with sharp, silver claws, Long black tail fur, and spiky, long, black mane on the top of her neck. No black spots exist on her body like what normal cheetahs' have. There is two thick black stripes by her aqua colored, fierce eyes. And she has very long fangs.
History: Here is nothing exciting. Her pack was lost in the snowstorm while hunting for food while she was still a cub. Humans were caught in the storm aswell and needed food and warmth so eventually they shot the 3 other snow cheetahs and Silver was left all alone. (Srry this is very short, but I'll reveal the rest in RP)

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